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The Private label/ODM businesses include color TV, white goods, mobile phones, LED large screen, PCB board, set-top boxes, domestic appliances, etc.


Introduction of Konmei – Konka Authorized Agent for OEM/ODM/Private Label Business

Operation set up in Irvine, California  to process Konka Private label/OEM /ODM business
    Operation set up in Irvine , California for aftersales technical and warranty service. 
      Operations set up in Irvine , California for process accounting, EDI & payment.
        Operations set up with professional OEM logistics experiences to guarantees the orders’ delivery  and quantity on-time schedule.
          Operations set up with professional OEM experiences to guarantees the orders’ quality.

          Konka Timeline

          In 1980, the company's predecessor, "Guangdong Guangming Overseas Chinese Electronics Industry Company" was established
          In 1984, Konka’s first TV machine production line was put into operation
          In 1989, the company changed its name to "Shenzhen Konka Electronics Co., Ltd."
          In 1992, Konka A, B shares were officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
          In 1997, "KONKA" trademark was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as "China Famous Brand", which marks the first enterprise to obtain this honor in the Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City,
          In 1999, Konka developed China's first high-definition digital TV and marched into the field of mobile communications in the same year.
          In 2000, Konka Technology Development Center was awarded the National Enterprise Technology Center
          In 2004, Anhui Konka built the largest high-definition color TV production base in Yangtze River Delta region.
          In 2007, Konka White Goods Industrial Park was put into operation
          From 2003 to 2008, domestic authority China Market Monitor identified that Konka color TV domestic market share occupied the first spot for six consecutive years 
          In 2013 Konka Group registered revenue of more than 20 billion yuan with the total assets of more than 18 billion yuan
          In 2015 Konka headquarter’s plots city renewal project was initiated smoothly. The whole company settled in the R&D building. In the same year, the company issued additional capital with capital reserve transfer method with the registered capital of 2.408 billion yuan after the change.
          In 2019 Konmei Inc. is established to engage private label/ODM business for North America market 


          Konka – A Global CE Powerhouse with Products That Fit Every Market


          As a vertically integrated prime manufacturer with over 5,000 TV patents, Konka sells products in over 100 countries worldwide, specifically tailoring its products for each market. Named one of the “Top 10 most valuable brands in China,” Konka’s extensive product range includes Television, Audio, Smart Home, Appliances and Mobile.
          In North America, Konka will offer a variety of affordable high-performance, feature-rich products, all reflecting the company’s mission to provide quality, leading-edge technologies and value. The immediate focus will be given to marketing Konka’s compelling TV offerings. In addition, closely related Smart Home products will also be offered to create a broad-based Konka AI ecosystem.


          As part of its overall growth plan, Konka has significantly increased investment in several key technology areas including AIoT (combining AI with Home Control), 5G and Semiconductor (including a new 8K SoC).

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